Will the REAL Witch-Doctors Please Stand Up? Part I

When it comes to our personal health and well-being, you would think that people would jealously guard their power and their right to make informed decisions about what will and will not be done to their bodies.  You would be wrong – and odds are, you don’t do it either.

Most of us give away our power without even thinking much about it. We may harbour some doubts – after all, we live in our bodies 24/7, and we are the ones who have to live (or die) with the results of conventional modern medicine. But, in actual practice, we usually ignore those doubts and simply do what we are told. It doesn’t even matter much how outlandish or illogical the orders. What really matters is who is giving them: our doctors.

We rarely question or (gulp!) challenge our doctor’s opinion – and we get a slap-down pretty quickly if we do! Why is that?

Blind Faith

As a society, we – including the doctors – have a “magical thinking” mindset when it comes to conventional medicine.  We believe in our doctors.  We believe in the accuracy and safety of our testing processes.  We believe – well, some of us do – in the usefulness of and necessity for drugs and surgeries.  We have been indoctrinated to believe that doctors are god-like soothsayers who have the magic keys to make us healthy. After all, they know why our bodies are not working the way they should be, and they know what needs to be done to fix them – don’t they?

Umm… NO, not really.

Statistically and logically speaking, our almost-blind faith in medicine is nonsense, of course – as you will see as this series continues. But, based on our actions, when push comes to shove, most of us are true believers.
If we are not feeling well, our conditioned response is to go to the doctor. Why? Because we believe the doctor can tell us what is wrong with us and what to do about it. We will have a cursory checkup, followed by blood-work and various other tests. Then we will sit back and wait anxiously for the diagnosis and to be told what we have to do to make all the nasty stuff go away.

We will accept the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plans.  We do not question, not really. After all, conventional wisdom dictates that doctors know what they are doing, and that we don’t. So, we undergo whatever treatment is recommended, voluntarily lose body parts, voluntarily take prescribed meds, voluntarily endure side-effects.  Why?

Fear. We do not question because our well-being and perhaps our very lives are at stake, and we want to believe. Besides, if the doctor gets angry with us, where will we be?  The answer to that question is… when our well-being and our lives are at stake, if we do NOT question – if we cannot not make an informed decision – THEN where will we be?

Hint: it is not a good place.


About Victoria

I'm... complicated (aren't we all)! An inveterate researcher, natural health practitioner/mentor, certified Gateway Dreaming coach, certified life coach, social activist, Dreamer, tree-hugger, newbie vegetarian - and a veteran of the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia wars. I am also the very excited author of the forthcoming book, "Fibro Flair: Empowered Living for Fibromites".
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