What is YOUR Personal Peace Plan?

You may wonder what today’s topic has to do with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or living beyond the limitations that come with these conditions.  Everything!  There’s nothing quite like a life-altering diagnosis to set off a ‘dark night of the soul’ that leads to a quest for understanding. Why me?  Why now?  What now?  What does it all mean?  What is the point of it?  The quality of your life rests on the foundation of what you believe to be true, so it is a good thing to be aware of exactly what that is! What answers will you bring back from your quest?  Will they lead you take a positive, pro-active, calm approach that nurtures your life, or to take a negative, reactive, defeatist approach that fosters and reinforces dis-ease? Will you nurture your condition – or yourself?

On a purely practical level, anything that reduces stress will serve to improve your condition.  What could be more useful towards that end than to discover your very own Personal Peace Plan? We don’t always know quite how to get there on our own, so I am very pleased to be able to share the following article with you as an Inukshuk, an example of the path.  It is from the incomparable Patti Allen – Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, Dream Coach, Reiki Master, Rubenfeld Synergist, author, teacher, mentor, host of the W Network series, ‘In Dreams’, developer and teacher of the up-coming dreaming course for The Daily Om. Patti is the former chair of the “TLC Divas” or “Tender Loving Care” which was involved with providing support to those facing terminal and/or long-term illness.  You can find out more about Patti and the wonderful work she does at www.pattiallen.com.

My Peace Plan~ by Patti Allen.

If you are on a spiritual path, then eventually you will grapple with the issue of God. You will first, in all likelihood, look at God within the religion in which you grew up and depending on what that experience was life for you, you will then continue to examine what it is all about from a spiritual perspective.


I went on a “Quest” with my Soul Coaching® group and thought about God. The weather was hot and steamy and as a mosquito nibbled past the essential oil bug repellent on a spot not an inch away from where I applied it, I noticed how I had the attention span of a mosquito and packed up and went inside. Now a spirit quest has been traditionally been done outside in nature over many days. This quest, however, was to be a culmination of all the Soul Coaching time we spent, and to simply spend a few hours in quiet contemplation. For myself, I rationalized that since what I needed most was to turn inward and listen to my heart and my soul then going inside was appropriate. I then proceeded to belittle myself for being a nature wimp! I got over that quickly and reframed that thought and called myself a “lover of comfort” instead. Believe it or not, that brought me to God.

I wondered how I could connect with God and if the location of that connection should really matter? Or did the location just make it easier to find God? Clearly, being out in nature is more uplifting, and gives us a more spiritual feeling than going to the supermarket. Quickly, I realized that the problem wasn’t with the location but with the language I was using. To say I want to connect with God, presupposes that God is outside and separate from me. But what if God was already in me, with me… Me? “What if God was one of us?” , as the song asks. What if the problem is our dualistic view of all of creation, where I am separate from you and we are both separate from spirit? I’ve grappled with that on and off over the years and after this quest, I concluded that spirit is not to be strived for, but to be uncovered and felt. We need to dust off the layers of neglect to recognize the Creator in us. Then I asked myself what the God-in-me knows? Here’s my list. It’s a work in progress!

1. All is in perfect order according to the order that is God and the order that we see in the world and the universe. (That means I shouldn’t waste time bemoaning what is or isn’t, just focus on what I can do.)

2. I have to be a co-creator in my life and do my part. (No waiting for manna to fall from heaven.)

3. Know and use my gifts. (And let go of obsessing over what isn’t in my portfolio of talents.)

4. Meditate daily. Move daily. Write daily. (I decided to do “20-20-20”. 20 minutes of movement, followed by 20 minutes of writing and 20 minutes of meditation.)

5. Receive love. Give love. (The former is harder than the latter.)

6. Have fun. Play more. And take myself more lightly. (That’s why angels can fly. They take themselves lightly!)

7. All is well in my world. (And if life throws me a curve ball, I can still chose what meaning to find in the challenges.)

In the end, if Spirit, the Creator, God or whatever you call All That Is, is in you, in me, in each of us and in all of life, then how can we treat each other badly? How can we disparage ourselves or hate each other. We are all God. It may be radical, but I just call it my “Peace Plan.” Now it’s your turn. Spend some time alone, in silence and listen to the God-in-you. See what the God-in-you knows to be true.


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I'm... complicated (aren't we all)! An inveterate researcher, natural health practitioner/mentor, certified Gateway Dreaming coach, certified life coach, social activist, Dreamer, tree-hugger, newbie vegetarian - and a veteran of the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia wars. I am also the very excited author of the forthcoming book, "Fibro Flair: Empowered Living for Fibromites".
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