This is NOT organics!

For many people, choosing to go the organic route is a personal choice, one made out of a holistic philosophical worldview.  For others, particularly those with compromised immune systems, thyroid dysfunction or with chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, avoiding chemical, hormonal and pharmaceutical contaminants in their food and water is essential for their well-being.

Enter giant corporate agri-business, working hand-in-glove with the USDA to undermine organics.

Do you know who owns your favourite organics company?  You should, because chances are, it isn’t who you think it is.  Many (if not most) organic companies have been bought up by conventional (ie., heavily chemical-based and GMO’d) agri-business corporations – and they are not all adhering to organic standards.

Do you keep an eye on the USDA National Organic Standards Board?  You should, because they are voting later this month on whether to allow contaminants to be introduced to organics – like the addition of sulphites (highly allergenic) to wine.  Or this: “… whether to allow a food additive produced by Martek Biosciences in organic foods. The product is an omega 3/omega-6 oil synthesized from fermented algae and soil fungus. The oil is extracted from this biomass using hexane, a neurotoxic byproduct of gasoline refinement that is specifically banned in organics.  Cornucopia investigated Martek’s patent and safety filings at the FDA, and discovered that the product also contains synthetic chemicals, stabilizers, carriers, and some of the ingredients are also genetically modified.”

If the USDA National Organics Standards Board votes to accept these synthetic chemicals, GMO’d ingredients and petroleum products in organic foods, the ‘organic’ designation will be nothing more than ‘greenwashing’.

This is a call to awareness, but it is also a call to action:  be pro-active – check out this piece from Dr. Mercola to find out why and how!

The Cornucopia Institute’s Role in The Organic Movement.

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